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System cup machines
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Crimping machine
Online crusher
Cup Stacking/shake Cup
Printing cup machine
Mold series
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Guanghong Machinery Co_ Ltd is a plastic packing machinery manufacturer. which engages in R&D, Design, manufacture, marketingservice of plastic machinery Located in Shantou. Guangdong. China The company has a professional R&D team. skilled worker team. scientific technology,advanced equipment and perfect after service system. Main products: PA series thermoforming machine (CAM Type). PB series thermoforming machine (hydraulic type), PK automatic punching machine series, plastic cup edge rolling machine, pressure and vacuum forming mould series The above-mentioned machines and units are suitable for making opening type container such as PLA, PET, PVC, PP, PS, biodegradable materials.

The mould series is including: fast food cup/bowUbox series, jeny cup series, Yogurt cup series. noodle mould series, lip series, flower pot series,medical container series. Electronic packaging series. It is suitable for making high quality packing products in different shapes and specirications to food and beverage, horticulture, medical. electronics. tourism and other packing industries

? Hon machine at the top of the function and technology in the same industry. It has been well sold in the market at home and abroad the company has establish a win-win cooperation relationship with many customers, provide perfect after-sales service system ? Guanghong company adhere to "high quality, sincere management, innovation and development, win-win relation" for business purposes. Trying our best to provide the best machine quality, stronger technical supportting and perfect after service Customer high praise is our unremitting pursuit .Warmly welcome to visit us for cooperation chance checking. We hope to have a win-win future with you!

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